Conferences in United Arab Emirates

Resisting Price Increases & Cost Reduction Strategies for Purchasing

Date: 07-Sep-14 to 10-Sep-14
PROGRAM SUMMARY Cost Improvements Initiatives, when properly implemented, have resulted in dramatic reductions in cost and significant improvements in productivity across the entire organization. As in all initiatives, success is dependent not only on an awareness of the potential opportunities, but more importantly the knowledgeable implementation of the ideas, processes, and techniques that should be utilized. This program focuses on Resisting Price Increases and Cost Improvement Initiatives and the many savings methods that have been used to reduce cost over the life of the product or service and across the entire supply chain. PROGRAM PAYBACK Upon completion of this seminar, participants will know: • How to reduce cost of purchased material and services • How to ...

Middle East NGV Summit

Date: 08-Sep-14 to 10-Sep-14
Oil & Gas Industry Prossionals

Medical Cities

Date: 14-Sep-14 to 16-Sep-14
The marcus evans Medical Cities is specifically designed to meet industry practitioners' demands to secure and guarantee their investments. This conference will highlight through practical case studies and panel on its importance for upcoming or existing medical cities masterplanning and facilities design technologies to remain competitive and at the same time sustainable. It will offer participants insights on state-of-the-art techniques that can be drawn upon from the vast experience of our global speaker line-up. With more ambitious projects of Medical Cities, one has to examine the typologies, design, engineering considerations and technology for future development of a country’s healthcare system. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet the line up of key international speakers and to ...

2nd Annual Procurement Management Summit

Date: 16-Sep-14 to 17-Sep-14
Procurement is no longer a function of support; rather its become a function of key importance and demand for business in recent years. As Dubai and the Middle East are poised for major developments and international business influx over the next 5 years, it will be key to ensure high level value to and from the supplier. The 2nd edition of the Procurement Management Summit will look into the Government initiatives and how it benefits both supplier and business moving forward. The summit will also highlight the importance of talent sustainability and how e-procurement can aid in complex task processes. Featuring case studies on the six-sigma, global procurement and the pros and cons of procurement outsourcing, importance will also be given to growing trends like green procurement and ...

4th Annual Smart Grids and Smart Meters Summit

Date: 16-Sep-14 to 17-Sep-14
With the UAE bracing itself to host the World Fair, efforts to achieve Energy Efficiency and Sustainability has gained prominence across all utility verticals. The Middle East region faces increasing demand for electricity, grid reliability, stability and lower environmental impact. With the introduction of digital equipment and software applications into existing infrastructures, network control can be optimized helping power generation and electrical utilities to interconnect existing assets, making the most of energy available and ultimately working towards a smarter grid with a lower carbon footprint. With DEWA taking a lead in establishing a Smart Grid Centre in Dubai, the time is ripe to make collective efforts in developing the Grids and Meters Infrastructure in the UAE. Fleming ...

7th Edition MENA HR Summit

Date: 15-Sep-14 to 17-Sep-14
Fleming Gulf presents its 7th Edition of MENA HR Summit, which takes a new look from People Challenge to Strategic HR, the new face of an HR. The “7th Edition, MENA HR Summit” is a result of the tremendous response received for the past Annuals. This year’s Summit brings together distinguished awarded HR professionals and organizations who have been appreciated for their HR Strategies, to discuss and benchmark crucial issues on how to seize new opportunities with value-added HR strategies in today’s market. An agenda with in-depth real life case studies, keynote presentations, interactive panel discussions, Breakout Sessions and Workshops from outstanding senior HR professionals across MENA Region. Media Contact: Rahul Bihani T: +971 46091570 | E: W: http:...

GCC Pharmaceutical Congress

Date: 14-Sep-14 to 17-Sep-14
Pharmacists play an important role as leaders to improve healthcare outcomes, decrease cost, reduce patient safety risk, optimize medication management system and align the pharmacy services with the management strategies that measure and reward quality performance. However, the continuing evolution of pharmacist role is tied to numerous challenges including collaboration with the different stakeholders in the medical community, learning about new technologies, remaining competitive in the market place, improving patient outcomes, maintaining productivity and more Join the The GCC Pharmaceutical Congress which will provide pharmacists with up-to-date information to highlight key solutions to the latest challenges faced by pharmacists in our region. To register visit http://...

10th Middle East Energy Security Forum 2014

Date: 15-Sep-14 to 17-Sep-14
The 10th MEESEC will present a highly focussed platform for the Security Community to listen, discuss, network and identify the potential, current and future security threats faced by private, public and partnership energy companies. Emergency preparedness and crisis management planning and Conducting Security Vulnerability Assessment Focus on Inter-agency and intra State Cooperation, Cyber security and Infrastructure Protection Case Studies. Hear from the industry leaders on Maritime Security and The Principles of Infrastructure Resilience.

Middle East Banking Innovation Summit 2014

Date: 29-Sep-14 to 30-Sep-14
The 4th Annual Middle East Banking Innovation Summit will be held on 29 & 30 September 2014 in Dubai. The event has earned its place as the premier banking technology conference in the GCC, last year attracting over 400 C-level executives, IT experts, retail banking specialists and senior finance professionals eager to learn of the opportunities in the Middle East’s banking and finance sector. The UAE is fast becoming a key international trading and transaction hub with the local retail and hospitality sectors booming and emerging market trade being routed via Dubai. The global Islamic finance industry is set for double-digit growth in 2014, and the Middle East’s financial sector is expected to be one of the biggest spenders in IT, a market that anticipates over US$32 billion in ...