Conferences in United Arab Emirates Advanced Training @ Dubai, 1st Aug 2015.

Date: 01-Aug-15 to 01-Aug-15
Salesforce Adoption Manager This program is about making your users more effective with Salesforce & Salesforce1. Named Credentials Provide more authentication to your HTTP callouts & get a better solution than Remote Site Settings. Email Connect Email integration features to sync your users contacts and events between Exchange-based email systems and Salesforce. Duplicate Management Data Management -> Duplicate Management, gives now quite advanced features to prevent data duplications. Sales Path Customize -> Sales Path, gives you effective guides for your Salesforce1 users to understand the Sales Process of your organisation. Salesforce Lightning App Builder, Process Builder, Lightning Components, Lightning Connect, etc. take integrations &...

Professional Scrum Master Certification Course PSM Dubai UAE

Date: 02-Aug-15 to 03-Aug-15
Professional Scrum Master Certification Course ( PSM ) Dubai UAE   Scrum presents a methodology and an agile framework for working on complex projects. The Professional Scrum Master certification programme by the Scrum.Org that will provide the fundamental principles of scrum as well as the hands-on experience using it. Usually practiced in software development but well suited for management of any general project or programme. This course covers Scrum basics which include :- the framework; mechanics; roles of Scrum how to use Scrum to optimize value, productivity, and the total cost of ownership of software products. It is important to note that maintains a defined curriculum for the Professional Scrum Master courses. While qualified instructors bring their own ...

Professional Scrum Developer.Net Certification Course PSD.Net Dubai UAE

Date: 09-Aug-15 to 11-Aug-15
  Professional Scrum Developer.Net Certification Course PSD.Net  Dubai UAE's Professional Scrum Developer (PSD.Net) course is a unique and intensive three day experience for software developers. The course guides teams on how to turn product requirements into potentially-shippable increments of software using the Scrum framework, Visual Studio 2010, and modern software engineering practices. Attendees will work in self-organising, self-managing teams using a common instance of Team Foundation Server 2010. Professional Scrum Developer courses teach students how to work in a team, using modern software engineering practices, to develop an increment of potentially releasable functionality using a specific technology platform. Students learn to do so within the Scrum ...

3D Print UAE

Date: 17-Aug-15 to 18-Aug-15
Hosted at the largest exhibition centre in the region, 3D Print UAE is the first ever dedicated 3D printing confexpo in the Middle East. 3D printing experts who are actively spearheading the revolution across the globe, will converge under one single roof to showcase their products, provide live demonstrations and discuss the technology with the prominent industry figures in the region.

4th Annual Corrosion Management Summit

Date: 31-Aug-15 to 02-Sep-15
From analyzing solutions for mitigating corrosion with current technologies to identifying ways of reducing equipment downtime through advanced Non-Destructive Inspection methods, the 4th Annual Corrosion Management Summit will discuss corrosion mitigation strategies highlighting current issues and solutions for it in the sector. The Summit will bring together regional and international experts from Oil and Gas companies, refineries, petrochemical companies and corrosion management solution providers. Contact: Madhura Gaikwad T: +971 46091570 | E:

SMC Strategy Management Certification Program

Date: 31-Aug-15 to 04-Sep-15
The Official SMC Strategy Management Certification Program will be held in Dubai, Arab Emirates from August 31 till September 3, 2015. Tantum Group, the international consultancy group of the Strategy Management Collaborative, will have a senior team of experienced instructors to present the Certification Program to a limited group of 20 - 25 participants. The program will offer a unique project based learning experience! Participants will have the possibility to exercise their larning and best preactices at a special one day session with the Executive Council of Dubai, e Hall of Fame Organization in Strategy Management. Participants will also have the opportunity to be certified as a Strategy Management Officer after delivering the SMC Strategy Management Test during the last day of the ...

Middle East Health & Safety Forum

Date: 06-Sep-15 to 07-Sep-15
Safe working practices is key to all sectors in the Middle East. Whilst great strides have been made in recent years to ensure better HSE conditions, challenges still remain to achieve world-class practices. Modern health, safety and environmental management has to be incorporated and integrated into the business like never before. Whilst some barriers remain, there are some excellent cases of best practice in the region and continuous improvement of HSE performance. The Middle East Health & Safety Forum will bring together all stakeholders from governments, regulators, industry leaders and solution providers to create a platform for knowledge sharing, best practice discussions and solution finding. It will include a mix of presentations, panel discussions, networking and ...

Certified Employee Performance Management Professional

Date: 06-Sep-15 to 08-Sep-15
The course will clarify key concepts related to the employee performance management, and will provide practical tools and techniques for implementing, maintaining and improving the system. Participants will gain exposure to best practices in the field of performance management and will learn how to establish and use criteria for evaluating performance. This course completes the information you need to implement the Performance Management System across the entire organization, starting from the strategic level, and cascading it down to departmental and employee level.

3rd Annual Procurement Management Summit

Date: 08-Sep-15 to 09-Sep-15
As the industry has matured through different outsourcing models, the Procurement Management Summit will provide insights on re-framing procurement strategies, priorities and deliverables along with the focus of improving the buyer-supplier relationship. The summit is surely an educational factor to the future development of procurement making the business leaders understand where procurement sits in business priorities. Panel discussions and case studies by industry experts from various industry sectors will give a clear picture on how procurement is an important strategic function and their role into the decisions to feed the overall sustainable development goals of the company as well as the government.

Smart Healthcare Technology Summit 2015

Date: 09-Sep-15 to 10-Sep-15
Over two days this summit will address crucial challenges and advancements in the Middle East healthcare sector and will provide networking scope with industry peers. New opportunities will be explored, strategies will be brainstormed and business relations made to boost the future of this industry in Middle East. Key Topics of Discussion: To capture the essence we aim at understanding how technology helps the healthcare sector in its function & various departments. Including topics such as PACS, DICOM - Used in LABs & Imaging System EHR - EMR - Digital Library - HIS for Digitization & Hospital Information Management System EBM - Evidence Based Medicine Standardization of Electronic Healthcare Records Insurance ROI & Investment in technology Contact: ...