Conferences in United States


Date: 13-Jul-15 to 15-Jul-15
OMICS cluster invitations all the participants across the world to attend the 4th¬ International Conference and Exhibition on Pathology throughout March 23-25, Chicago, USA. OMICS Group organizes scientific conferences on Clinical Sciences, Engineering & Applied Sciences, Life Sciences, Medical Sciences, Omics & Management and Pharmaceutical/Chemistry and it is a perfect platform for global networking. Few of conference and Journals had collaborated with International Associations. Conferences and Journals are greatly supported by top indexing & Convention centres. International conference as greatly attracted by Nobel Laurent, Symposiums, Workshops, Keynote sessions, Exhibitions and Delegates.

International Conference and Expo on Biomechanics and Implant Design

Date: 27-Jul-15 to 29-Jul-15
International Conference and Expo on Biomechanics and Implant Design Jul 27-29, 2015, Florida, USA OMICS Group proudly invites all the participants across the globe to its premier International Conference and Expo on Biomechanics and Artificial Implant Design, Jul 27-29, 2015, Florida, USA. Theme of Biomechanics -2015 is “Novel approaches in biomechanics and innovative methods in implant designing”. To know more please visit: Email:, Biomechanics-2015 is the premier event which brings together a unique and International mix of experts, researchers and decision makers both from academia and Industry across the globe to discuss the current ...

International Conference on Clinical Trials

Date: 27-Jul-15 to 29-Jul-15
Location: Orlando / Florida / United States
Clinical Trials 2015 will provide a platform for the association of clinical trials and research professionals to develop cognizance about advancement in clinical therapeutics. With the theme of conference as “A Conclave for Transformation of Antiquated Treatment and Healthcare Therapeutics”, Clinical Trials 2015 program is designed to focus upon the major prevalent clinical trials and studies such as cardiology, dermatology, oncology also on business development in clinical trials. Hopefully, the conference discussions, presentations and contributions play significant roles to update the current advancements of the field.


Date: 29-Jul-15 to 31-Jul-15
AnDevCon is the leading technical conference for software developers building Android apps. Whether you are an enterprise developer, work for a commercial software company, or are driving your own start-up, you need to attend AnDevCon. Network with 1,000 software developers and IT managers from across the globe. Chose from more than 75 classes and tutorials and visit with more than 40 top exhibitors, all 100% focused on Android development. Use code PARTNER for a $100 discount off the prevailing rate.

IBM Websphere Enterprise Service Bus Online Training by Real time Experts

Date: 04-Dec-14 to 07-Aug-15
Location: United States
Course Description : WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is a flexible connectivity infrastructure for integrating applications and services. An ESB provides the connectivity to implement a service-oriented architecture (SOA), reducing the complexity of integrating applications and services. With WebSphere ESB, you can focus on your core business initiatives instead of IT maintenance. The ESB is implemented in software that operates between the business applications, and enables communication among them. Ideally, the ESB should be able to replace all direct contact with the applications on the bus, so that all communication takes place via the ESB. To achieve this objective, the ESB must encapsulate the functionality offered by its component applications in a meaningful way. This ...


Date: 12-Aug-15 to 14-Aug-15
Location: Orlando / Florida / United States
This unique international exhibition and conference will host three energy related events into one, allowing industry professionals from the Oil & Gas, Power and Mining sectors to meet, share knowledge and experience.OPM 2015 is the platform to create networking and business opportunities between Latin America and Asia. You’ll have unparalleled access to a variety of executives and analysts, gaining insight to their knowledge and insight on key industry issues and emerging trends.

5th International Conference on Proteomics and Bioinformatics

Date: 14-Sep-15 to 16-Sep-15
Location: Orlando / Florida / United States
5th International Conference on Proteomics & Bioinformatics is the event which promotes exchange of knowledge and research techniques with all the experts from pharmaceutical and biotech companies, academicians from leading universities, scientists from research institutions. Proteomics conference covers the major topics and recent developments in Proteomics and Bioinformatics research work.

The WIN Global Summit

Date: 30-Sep-15 to 01-Oct-15
Location: United States
Presented by The Negotiation Institute, The 2015 WIN Summit brings together professional women from around the world to share insights and perspectives on how to harness their unique strengths to elevate leadership through the art of negotiation. Anecdotal evidence indicates that women negotiating in the business world encounter different context-based challenges than do men. We invite you to join the world’s most influential women at The 2015 WIN Summit, where you’ll discover new skills, strategies and tactics to mitigate these unique challenges and negotiate to get more. The Women's Insights on the Art of Negotiating (WIN) Summit is a two-day conference presented by The Negotiation Institute, global leaders in cutting-edge negotiation methods, executive training and consulting. ...

World Business Forum New York 2015

Date: 12-Nov-15 to 13-Nov-15
Location: United States
For more than ten years the World Business Forum has been a source of inspiration, learning and transformation for leaders looking to build better businesses and a better world. Our programs offer an incredible breadth of content, bringing you world-class speakers from diverse fields, all of whom have one objective in mind: To help you lead more effectively so as to meet the challenges of today’s global business environment. In 2015 the World Business Forum will present two days of powerful stories; of individuals who face shocks - both personal and organizational - and who use those shocks to achieve the extraordinary. Each story will have its own unique characteristics; its own particular energy; its "aha" moments; its moments of tension; its moments of stimulation; its ...

International Conference on Food Chemistry and Nanotechnology (FCN-2015)

Date: 16-Nov-15 to 18-Nov-15
International Conference on Food Chemistry & Nanotechnology” (FCN-2015) scheduled in November 16-18, 2015 at San Francisco, USA; organized by United Scientific Group (USG), a company led by the editors association and the advisory board (comprising scientists from diverse scientific fields) with an aim to connect the scientific leaders on a single platform by organizing events. FCN-2015 with a theme “Exploring the Recent Trends, Innovation & Emerging Technologies for Food Research and Development” is designed to bring together the scientific community - principal investigators, scientists, researchers, health professionals, analysts, clinicians, policy makers, industry experts, the well-established and the budding entrepreneurs to discuss the present and future perspectives ...