Conferences in United States

AcuEnergetics® Level 2: Inner Alchemy - Treating Yourself And Others

Date: 15-Apr-15 to 19-Apr-15
Location: United States
About the Training It builds on the basic treatment methodologies taught in Level 1 and introduces AcuEnergetics® Energy Centre Balancing and entrainment. You learn six new AcuEnergetics® Wellness Balances as well as how to direct your attention to awaken energy centres in the body. The aim of Level 2 is to bring students to a point where they can easily access the energy needed to practice energetic healing and gain self-mastery of the techniques of energy centre entrainment and specific AcuEnergetics® treatment techniques. Learn & experience To go deeper in your meditations to still the mind and open the heart. How to increase you sensitivity to energy. The Second Gate energetic opening technique. How to open your energetic centres and entrain others. The second stage ...

PYP Freelance Business Development Summit: Transforming Artists Into Stylepreneurs

Date: 18-Apr-15 to 20-Apr-15
The PYP Business Development Summit was developed to offer advanced education for freelance professionals who seek to gain a real working knowledge of the industry and get more out of business education. More money, more fulfillment, more results!

Environments for Aging

Date: 19-Apr-15 to 21-Apr-15
Location: Baltimore / United States
The Environments for Aging Conference offers the latest strategies and ideas for creating functional and attractive living environments that meet the needs of our aging population. During this comprehensive three-day learning experience, attendees will network with peers while learning the latest innovations and best practices in the design of long-term and residential care settings. Attendees will share common goals and innovations as well as building, architecture, and design best practices. Don't miss this opportunity to gain inspiration through a gathering of like-minded, forward-thinking individuals instrumental in the creation of future living environments for the aging.

Next Generation Batteries 2015

Date: 21-Apr-15 to 22-Apr-15
Breakthroughs in new battery chemistries, novel electrode and electrolyte materials, system integration for mobile, and portable and stationary applications have paved the road toward an emerging market with unlimited potential. Will lithium-ion and alternative-chemistry batteries deliver on the promise of power, energy, cost and safety in commercially available energy storage systems? The Knowledge Foundation's 5th Annual Next Generation Batteries 2015 convenes leading experts in the fields of battery materials, systems design and integration, manufacturing and commercial applications who address emerging issues driving this pivotal time in the battery industry.

The Branding For Talent Summit 2015

Date: 22-Apr-15 to 23-Apr-15
Location: United States
The Branding for Talent Summit 2015 is a demand driven Human Resources and Talent Branding conference. Following extensive research with 100+ senior HR & Talent professionals, the conference’s subjects, themes and topics have been specifically selected in virtue of their relevance to today’s HR landscape. The event’s primary objective is to expand awareness of the contemporary strategies employed by some of the world’s biggest industry leaders, including: HSBC, eBay, Walmart, AOL, Macy's & Monster Worldwide, and more. You can expect to: discover the secrets behind a truly effective employee brand from industry leaders; gain exclusive insights into cutting edge strategies to address your talent brand; and learn how to encourage talent retention and as a result improve the ...

Become a Certified Web Developer in Eight Weeks

Date: 25-Feb-15 to 23-Apr-15
Location: Stamford / United States
Ready to become a developer? Have you been trying to understand exactly what skills you need to learn? Maybe you are trying to figure out what to learn first? HTML? Javascript? What programming languages do you need to know? What skills lead to your first job in industry? What if you have an entrepreneurial idea that you want to develop? Mark Lassoff will guide you down the pathway which hundreds of students have followed to become development pros. He’ll also discuss the how to avoid the biggest barriers to entry for new developers. And students who complete the class with get a Certificate from LearnToProgram and the Stamford Innovation Center. Participants in the course program will receive the following items free: ● Printed Text Books and Lab Manuals for Reinforcement of ...

5th CMO Quality Oversight & Risk Management

Date: 23-Apr-15 to 24-Apr-15
Location: Boston / United States
The 5th CMO Quality Oversight and Risk Management Summit will bring together industry innovators to connect and discuss the latest outsourcing trends and hot button issues in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device contract manufacturing. Designed to optimize partnerships between pharma companies and CMO, the Summit serves as a networking platform while offering professionals vital information on how to strategically navigate the outsourcing space. Participants will learn best practices to effectively oversee and manage external manufacturers, tips on utilizing Big Data analytics to improve CMO results, the newest FDA policies and their impact on CMO partnerships, effective risk management strategies to help pharma companies get the best bang for their buck, the latest ...

Hub Live: Retail Experience Symposium

Date: 23-Apr-15 to 24-Apr-15
Location: New York / United States
Hub Live: The Retail Experience Symposium, a special one-day event on Thursday, April 23,  is uniquely designed to help retail and brand teams achieve breakthrough excellence in the retail and shopping experience — on-line, in-store, on-the-go and at every other touch point. It offers a look at the present and future of retail, with a unique combination of high-profile headline speakers and an intimate venue limited to just 140 seats. Hub Live will help you and your team gain the insights, knowledge and ideas required to keep the brand and retail promise at each and every touch point. Headline speakers include Dwayne Chambers of Krispy Kreme, Healey Cypher of eBay, Jeannine D'Addario of Whole Foods, Laura Gordon of 7-Eleven and Leontyne Green-Sykes of IKEA.  Dr. Dan Flint of the ...

Terrain Phoenix Mud Run

Date: 25-Apr-15 to 25-Apr-15
Location: United States
Are you ready to conquer YOUR terrain? Terrain challenges you both physically and mentally with over 20 obstacles! Choose YOUR race distance to challenge yourself: 5k, 10k or 20k. Party at the finish line with friends, family (kids as young as 7 can run the full 5k course!), mud and views of the obstacles you conquered. You’ll be proud when you finish your race with us. Make Terrain YOUR race. You’ll sweat. You’ll get dirty. You and your friends will have the time of your life.

"Goddesses: Loving Yourself First" Women's Empowerment Mixer & Social Party

Date: 25-Apr-15 to 25-Apr-15
Location: New York / United States
Come join us for our 2nd annual women's empowerment affair. This is the social party event of the year you don't want to miss. We are here to encourage, inspire, and motivate women in building up and improving self confidence to your best life now. Want to gain financial freedom? Get inspired or gain knowledge to creating or maintaining your own business? Want fashion advice or learn how to gain personal growth? We have all  the answers you are looking for plus more. Nothing is off limits. We will talk about everything and it's time to put your needs first. Get inspired to making it a priority by loving yourself first through actions. This is your opportunity to finally live your life the way you want it.  Join us for a special panel discussion with key guest speakers, meet & greet, ...