Save the Planet - South-East European Conference & Exhibition on Waste Management, Recycling, Environment

Date: 11-Mar-15 to 13-Mar-15
Location: Inter Expo & Congress Center / Sofia / Bulgaria
Category: Energy Environment Engineering Conferences & Trade Fairs Waste Management

The event encourages the investments, transfer of good practices and technologies to the Regional market where foreign companies can find plenty of opportunities. 'Exhibition - Conference' format turns it into a professional platform for product exploration, discussion, professional enrichment, networking and new partnerships setting up.

The exhibition will put on display new technologies and equipments for waste collection, treatment, landfill and composting, transport vehicles, recycling systems, environmental monitoring & protection services, etc.

The Conference program will include the following sessions: Waste prevention, Recycling/Resource Recovery, Energy and resource recovery, Landfilling and Environmental aspects of waste treatment technologies.


State Administration and Municipality Representatives; Investors; Finance Experts; Landfill Operators; Managers, Specialists in the sectors of: Waste Management, Recycling, Ecology, Construction, etc.


Waste management:
- Waste collection;
- Transport vehicles and technologies;
- Waste treatment/recycling;
- Medical waste treatment and disposal;
- Radioactive waste treatment and disposal;
- Landfill Management & Operations;



Noise reduction/sound insulation

Eco-friendly Products


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