Understanding Disinfectant Qualification Studies – How to Avoid Errors

Date: 08-Mar-13 to 08-Mar-13
Location: OnlineWebinar / California City / United States
Category: Education Conferences & Trade Fairs

This 90-minute webinar on Disinfectant Qualification Studies will teach you disinfectant testing methodologies, provide examples of disinfectant efficacy tests and show how to troubleshoot problems related to disinfectant efficacy testing.
Why Should You Attend:

How do you design an effective disinfectant validation program that meets FDA , MHRA, EMA scrutiny?

This webinar provides guidance on industry trends, regulatory feedback, and designs for an effective validation program. Current 483's, Warning Letters, and Field Experiences will be conveyed that allow end users to determine the best methods to validate their products against their isolates.

Areas Covered in the Seminar:

* Learn disinfectant testing methodologies.
* Review “real world” examples of disinfectant efficacy tests.
* Increase awareness of pitfalls encountered during testing.
* Troubleshooting problems related to disinfectant efficacy testing.
* Examples of disinfectant validation successes will be discussed.


* QA and QC Managers
* Disinfectant Validation Managers
* Operations Managers
* Cleanroom Managers
* Personnel and contractors that clean and disinfect cleanrooms
* EH&S Managers
* Regulatory Compliance Managers & Environmental Monitoring Managers


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