Intranet 2.0

Date: 07-May-12 to 10-May-12
Location: TBD / Toronto / Ontario / Canada
Category: Media, Advertising & PR IT

Intranet 2.0: How To Integrate The Latest Social Media Tools And Technologies (Including SharePoint) To Foster Collaboration, Increase Engagement, And Drive Results
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May 7-10, 2012 in Toronto
Agenda details:

Register by March 8th to lock in EARLY BIRD rates and save your organization’s training budget $400!

Attend the Intranet 2.0 training to learn how to incorporate social media and the latest technologies into your intranet -- including SharePoint, to engage your employees and advance your organizational goals. Hear practical, real-world advice and learn best practices on how to harness your intranet and transform your internal communications to engage your employees and drive business results from practitioners from leading organizations.


This training is a must-attend event for all communicators committed to integrating Web 2.0 tools into their intranets while engaging their employees and advancing their organization’s goals. And all those interested in engaging employees and driving performance through their intranets.


This training provides an excellent opportunity to market your products and services to a targeted communications audience. Space is limited, so please call Erin at (773) 695-9400 x18, for more information.

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