Big Data, Analytics, Insights Conference

Date: 18-Dec-12 to 19-Dec-12
Location: The Lalit , Sahar / Mumbai / India
Category: IT Conferences & Trade Fairs

‘The Big Data, Analytics, Insights Conference’ scheduled on 18th-19th December, 2012 at The Lalit, Sahar - Mumbai. The Theme of this event is ‘Converting Big Data to Business Growth’. The event is Conceived & Managed by Kamikaze B2B Media.

Big Data, Analytics & Insights Conference offers attendees the opportunity to explore data analytics solutions, latest skills, tools, and technologies needed to make Big Data work for their organization. Through a data driven approach into business insights, the conference explores best practices across various sectors through case studies, interactive panels and round tables discussions.

Highlights of the event:
Discover how other organizations are deriving value from their data assets
Identifying gaps in the market, managing risk and providing services that are truly valued
Engaging opinions and networking with senior business leaders from various industries
Spotlight on the IT field’s new phenomenon
The Big Data Value Chain: The Technologies & Innovations

This event would feature 35+ senior industry specialists who would share their views & expertise on various topics related to Cloud, Infrastructure, Business Intelligence, Workforce Data, Visualization, Data- mining, Analytics, Integration, Quality & Security.


Around 150+ CTO’s/CIO’s, Data Scientists, Analysts, Insights & Warehousing executives will be attending this event. The profile of the attendee’s would be GM level Upwards from across sectors.


IT, Big Data, Cloud Computing & Business Intelligence Solution Providers, Data Warehousing & Data Management Companies.

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