3-hr Virtual Seminar: OSHA Compliance Strategies for Auditing and Training Programs

Date: 24-Jan-13 to 24-Jan-13
Location: Online Event / California City / California / United States
Category: Education Conferences & Trade Fairs

This OSHA compliance training will highlight the reasons for OSHA Inspections and discuss methods to be ready for a surprise inspection at any time. You will learn how to evaluate your safety program, improve the quality and function of your safety committee and be prepared to deal with an OSHA Inspection.


Why Should You Attend:
OSHA infractions and violations may lead to an inspection at any time. You need to have a program in place and strategies in place to assure that such inspections never happen to you. But, with all of the best intentions, an inspection may still be in your future. Inspections can be time consuming, costly, and embarrassing in the public eye.
Areas Covered in the Webinar:
- By attending you will understand-
- What precipitates an OSHA inspection.
- The types of violations that might occur.
- What violations are on the top of OSHA’s list.
- How can you be prepared to deal with an inspection.
- What to look for in your own efforts to develop a good program for a safe workplace.
- The role that employer and employee cooperation plays in the OSHA Inspection process.
- What to expect when OSHA comes knocking.
- How to deal with inspectors.
Who will Benefit:
- Safety professionals
- Safety Managers
- Safety Supervisors
- Business owners
- HR personnel
- Employees


Kenneth S. Weinberg, Ph.D. is an independent consultant who works with businesses in all sectors of the work force to develop safety programming and evaluate the effectiveness of their programs in light of OSHA regulations. Dr. Weinberg was the Director of Safety at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA for over ten years, and in that capacity dealt with safety programming and OSHA regulators and regulations in a real world situation. In addition, Dr. Weinberg has written several books and articles targeting safety programs in organizations to help them improve and understand the role of the Safety Director and the Safety Program. He also teaches and lectures on various types of OSHA regulations and requirements and the best ways to comply with OSHA.

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