Legal Issues for Investing in Africa

Date: 14-Mar-13 to 14-Mar-13
Location: Holiday Inn Bloomsbury / London / United Kingdom
Category: Energy Conferences & Trade Fairs

African countries are undergoing a period of unprecedented transformation. The growth in economies and population is fuelling a demand for infrastructure and developmental projects, greater attention to agriculture and increased engagement with foreign investors across a variety of industry sectors. The changing and varied needs of the different African jurisdictions require careful legal considerations to suit the unique needs of the relevant institutions and markets.

Against this backdrop, SMi Group’s masterclass will identify and explain some key issues that the international investor should be aware of when investing in Africa. The sessions address three critical factors that will be relevant across many sectors of investment:
• Overview of the investment climate and how to secure investor rights in African countries
• Rules governing trade for exporting from Africa or trading within the African region
• Considerations for investing responsibly towards the poorest people in Africa

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- inhouse corporate attorneys
- investment funds managers


- inhouse corporate attorneys
- investment funds managers

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