NGS for Drugs, Patients and Clinical Trials Conference

Date: 21-Mar-13 to 22-Mar-13
Location: Hilton San Diego Resort / United States
Category: Science Conferences & Trade Fairs

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), along with a shift toward personalized medicine, is poised to revolutionize the drug discovery paradigm by offering unprecedented interrogation of the human genome at high resolution, and relatively low costs. While the widespread implementation of NGS is apparent, issues specific to drug development present new challenges for developers, including discerning actionable genomic information for novel targets, markers and utilization in clinical trials; developing informatics infrastructure and pipelines to deal with the computational complexity of NGS data; and navigating regulatory hurdles of informed consent and data sharing. Cambridge Healthtech Institute is proud to announce the Inaugural NGS for Drugs, Patients and Clinical Trials, designed with drug developers in mind, to explore the unparalleled advantages of NGS technologies for translational research, while addressing common challenges.


- Scientists/Technologists
- Professors
- Managers
- Directors
- Executives


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