Project Management in Human Resources - Human Resource Project Management Training

Date: 16-Jan-13 to 16-Jan-13
Location: Online Event / California City / California / United States
Category: Education Conferences & Trade Fairs

Strategic planning is critical in achieving an organization’s or individual’s success. HR professionals play an important role in creating a company’s strategy plans and in ensuring the plans are implemented accordingly in order to achieve the goals. This webinar on project management in human resources will focus on key project management skills for the HR professional.


Course Objective:
Good project management program with a proper implementation is the best way to assure an organization’s success. Proper planning is the foundation of a project management that results in accomplishment of company goals. HR professionals play a major role in shaping a company’s strategy as well as ensuring that the strategy is carried out as planned.


This training on project management skills for HR professionals will cover the following topics:
• From Strategy to Implementation
• What is Project Management?
• Overall Benefits of Project Management in Human Resources
• Considerations of Project Management (PM) Related to Human Resources (HR)
• Key Project Management Skills for the HR Professional
• Approaches to Project Management
• The Architecture of Implementation
• Developing Project Scope
• How to Stay on Course and Maintain Control of the Project?
• Developing the Project Budget
• Risk Identification, Planning, and Management
• The People Side of Implementation, Planning Resources
• Implementing Human Capital Initiatives
• Strategy as Work in Progress – Verifying Project Scope
• Project Closeout
• Developing and Leveraging Your Strategic Mindset for Successful Implementation

Who will benefit:
This webinar will provide valuable guidance to the following personnel involved in a company’s strategic planning:
• HR Practitioners
• HR Leaders and Team Leads
• Organizational Strategy Leaders
• Business Owners

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