Basic Statistics for Microbiological Sampling

Date: 21-Feb-13 to 21-Feb-13
Location: Online Event / California City / California / United States
Category: Education Conferences & Trade Fairs

A company must have invested its considerable resources in the area of microbiological sampling and it is important for them to determine that these resources are being wisely used. Despite its wide usage, statistical background and criteria of microbiological sampling is not fully understood by most food manufacturers.


Course Objective:

Sampling of foods and food products is been a fundamental part of quality assurance and safety. Given the investment in quality assurance and the value of these programs to maintaining the image of the brand, it is important to assure that the programs are delivering their maximum benefits. This session will provide guidance for food manufacturers who currently employ microbiological testing as part of their quality assurance program. This webinar will cover the basic concepts of sampling, from sample collection to laboratory analysis. It will review the limitations of microbiological sampling programs, so that the results can be properly interpreted. This course will help the attendees in designing a sampling plan and implementing it to their company quality assurance program. It will cover the following topics related to food sampling:
• Basic Statistics
• Two- and Three class Microbiological sampling plans
• Operating Characteristics of sampling
• Interpretation of results

Who will Benefit:

The session will aid not only those directly involved in microbiological sampling, but also those who are required to make informed decisions based on the results of the sampling program. It will provide valuable guidance to the following personnel:

• Food processors and manufacturers
• Quality assurance personnel
• Directors/VPs of operations and quality in food companies


Dr. Dickson, is currently a Professor in the Department of Animal Science at Iowa State University and the Professor in Charge of the Iowa State Component of the Food Safety Consortium. Dr. Dickson's research focuses on the control of bacteria of public health significance in foods of animal origin. Prior to his appointment at Iowa State University in 1993, he was employed by USDA-ARS as a Research Food Technologist and lead scientist of the Meat Safety Assurance Program, located at the Roman L. Hruska U.S. Meat Animal Research Center, Clay Center, NE. Dr. Dickson was employed in the food industry for three years before joining USDA-ARS.

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