Food Safety: After Disaster Strikes

Date: 17-Jan-13 to 17-Jan-13
Location: Online Event / California City / California / United States
Category: Education Conferences & Trade Fairs

If a hurricane and/ flood and power outages have happened, it is important that manufacturers and consumers assess the food samples and water to ensure that they are not contaminated. This food safety webinar will help the attendees to identify unsafe food and water post disaster. This session will also cover various methods, strategies and regulatory policies that affect the reuse or storing of various food items both commercially and at home, post disaster.


Course objective:
Food borne illness outbreaks due to the contaminated food and water are the biggest concern post disaster or weather related emergency. Many resources including water, refrigeration, and power need to be working adequately for food to remain fresh. Once a storm hits or flood happens, any one of these necessary items can compromise food safety for the public. Certain foods may not be safe to eat during and after weather related emergency. This session will help the attendees to protect them and public from contaminated food yet, and to get back into business safely and efficiently. Post hurricane Katrina and hurricane Sandy, depending on the impact of a storm, this session will also cover items to be discarded and what can be salvaged safely for consumption.
The instructor will also cover the following topics:
• Keeping food safe during an emergency – What to keep and what to discard
• CDC (Center for Disease Control) Regulations concerning Food and Water safety during and after a disaster
• Cleaning and sanitizing efforts after a disaster
• Refreezing food that are thawed or partially thawed
• Cleaning and reusing cans, bottles, Retort Pouches and Plastic Packaging
• Feeding Infants and young children
• Being prepared for a future emergency

Who will benefit:
This 60 minute session will be beneficial for restaurant owners, schools, Senior Living facilities, and any commercial or industrial food related service impacted by severe weather related emergencies. It will also provide valuable guidance to the following personnel:
• Foodservice Staff
• Chefs, Cooks, Sous Chefs
• Plumbing and Heating Contractors


Jeffrey Giesberg, is a trainer and consultant at Experience Safety Training & Consulting located in Yonkers, New York, specializing in safety, health, and environmental issues affecting the food industry. Over the past 12 years, Jeff has provided many schools and organizations throughout the Northeast with dynamic training in construction safety, food safety, safety administration, safety management and leadership, hazardous materials, and industrial rescue. Jeff also provides safety services in commercial kitchens including; safety program development, asbestos, and lead investigations, environmental forensics, audits and inspections, as well as compliance with regulatory agencies. His philosophy is that safety must be integrated into daily production, operations, and business management in a manner that meets or exceeds the organization’s mission.

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