Corporate Cyberlibel Attacks: You Can Fight Back But You Need to Know How – Webshop C

Date: 05-Mar-13 to 05-Mar-13
Location: The Canadian Institute / Toronto / Ontario / Canada
Category: Media, Advertising & PR Education Legal Services Conferences & Trade Fairs

Speakers: David A. Potts, Cyberlibel & Reputation Management; Dr. Allan Bonner, Allan Bonner Communications Management Inc. and Timothy F. Civil, PepsiCo Foods Canada

Join these three knowledgable speakers in this thought provoking, practical and informative panel about how to optimally handle a cyberlibel attack – ultimately from a legal, but also from the PR perspective.

Key Takeaway: All of your options and avenues of recourse when faced with a cyberlibel attack or online defamation.

• The four most common cyberlibel attacks on corporations
• Characteristics of the Internet and their impact on cyberlibel attacks
• How cyberlibel differs from offline libel:
o When do you have to give notice?; Is the standard different?; What is publication?
• Does re-tweeting count? What about online comments which are hosted?
• Who is responsible – the employer or the individual?
• In-house control issues and system blocking
• Defences available for those sued for cyberlibel
• A new paradigm: BUT you can fight back
o Assessment; Damage control; Responses
• The liability of search engines and other third parties
• Emerging case-law defining cyberlibel
• A comparison of US/Canada for cross-border companies
• Managing the all-important, and oft neglected, PR component

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