2nd Annual Efficient Plant Shutdown & Turnaround Forum 2013

Date: 15-May-13 to 16-May-13
Location: kuala lumpur / Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
Category: Chemicals Industrial & Manufacturing Conferences & Trade Fairs

Executing timely shutdowns while maintaining highest standards
Maximising shutdown efficiency with excellent people management
Handling unplanned shutdowns & uncertainties during a shutdown
Analysing the effectiveness of your shutdown for future
Gaining insights into the best practices today from key industry
Integrating effectively planning, execution & completion for a
successful shutdown
Minimising financial impact while maintaining the highest quality,
integrity and safety standards


COOs, CEOs, VPs, Presidents, Directors, Heads, GMs,
Senior Managers, Managers, Assistants, Supervisors,
Superintendents and Engineers of Shutdown &
Turnaround, Scheduling, Operations, Maintenance,
Plant, Planning, Procurement, Production, HSE, Quality
Assurance, Facilities, Integrity & Reliability


ADCO, BASF, Carigali Hess, ExxonMobil, Huntsman Tioxide, International Power Global Development, ISQEM, JGC Corporation, Jimah O&M,
JMC Consulting, MTBE, Mukah Power Generation, PETRONAS, Petrotechnics, Petrozeit, Sakhalin Energy, Shell, South Pacific Viscose, Synerlitz,
TNB Malaysia, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, World Safety Organisation

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