The 11th Shenzhen (China) International Magnetic Materials & Application Equipments Exhibition

Date: 26-Jun-13 to 28-Jun-13
Location: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center / Shenzhen / China
Category: Mining Conferences & Trade Fairs

Wise International (H.K.) Co., Ltd.
Wise Exhibition (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
The Micromotor Branch Association of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association
Guangdong Provincial Association for Magnetic Materials Industry

Magnetic Materials and Application Committee of Chinese Materials Research Society
Asia NeFeB Association
Japanese Electric Motors Association
Korea Electrical Manufacturers Association
Applied Magnetism Branch of China Institute of Electronics
Shengzhou Electric Machinery Industry Association
Good will Exhibition & Promotion Ltd.

Concurrent Events
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(Varieties of trade shows for the entire rare earth materials and application sectors held in SZCEC at the same period. Total exhibition area —— 110,000m²)


Key Visitors Scope
Important visitors are invited from industries like electric machinery, Tele-communication manufacturers, Household electric appliance, IT manufacturers,automobile manufacturers, computer manufacturers, electronics, office automation, hospital apparatus producer, electric transformer producer, powder metallurgy industry, hardware industry, metal processing, mold making, tool maker, lighting decoration, equipments and meters and space flight industry.


Exhibit Scope
A、 Permanent magnetic materials: rare earth permanent magnetic material, Permanent magnetic ferrite, Aluminum nickel and cobalt, Bonded permanent magnet and Neodymium iron boron;
B、 Soft magnetic materials: Soft magnetic ferrite material, Metal soft magnetic, Soft magnetic alloy, Amorphous and nanocrystalline soft magnetics, Electromagnetic interference resistant materials and devices(EMI,EMC)and storage devices like Magnetic recording tape.
C、 Fridge, Drinking water machine, Level regulator, anti-theft door and furniture, Bar code system and all kinds of magnetic products and Plastic magnetic products.
D、 Special devices to produce magnetic materials: Dry powder press, Sintering furnace, grinder, Mixing machine, stirring machine, Dryer, ball grinder, cutter, Coating equipment, slicer, Magnetizing machine, Vacuum sintering furnace, surface grinding machine, Ultrasonic cleaning machine and Magnetic materials molds
E、 Magnetic material producing machines and meters; control systems and examining devices
F、 Raw materials and auxiliary material for making magnetic materials
G、 Permanent magnet motor and other Permanent magnet products
H、 Power supply, electric transformer, relay, small home appliances, Transformer, Electroacoustic, Magnetic conductor inductance element of amplifier and other electronic components.

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