Date: 27-Aug-13 to 29-Aug-13
Location: Eko Convention Centre / Lagos / Nigeria
Category: Conferences & Trade Fairs Companies

ASIA GLOBAL FAIR 2013 is going to be an important event that will take place in business city of Africa - Lagos, Nigeria for a period of three consecutive days.

This business to business (B2B) event brings together exhibitors and delegations from largest to smallest in volume from across business world.

ASIA GLOBAL FAIR 2013 features exciting B2B exhibition, B2B Networking & One-on-One Business Matching (in conjunction with Mission), an excellent platform for business owners to create opportunities


This event is going to provide the exhibitors with unparalleled branding and positioning opportunity to showcase their products, services and concepts to wide range of visitors such as potential buyers, investors, movers and shakers of the world economy, world business leaders, buyers and investors, and the interested delegations from largest to smallest in volume, like America, Europe, Asia, Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

Trade & Investment Mission: (in conjunction with Africa Global Fair B2B Networking & Business Matching)

This mission is designed for business owners and companies interested in expanding their international business. This includes both new and existing exporters interested in entering or expanding into the Africa marketplace. Delegates on this mission will meet with pre-screened potential business partners, distributors, agents or buyers.

Asia Global Fair is the perfect opportunity to communicate with buyers, importers & exporter, investors and build a friendly network and form profitable alliances and gain numerous connections with world business leaders, buyers and investors.


The ASIA GLOBAL FAIR 2013 - Networking & Business Meetings will attract business owners, executives, directors, senior managers, representatives and professionals in all sustainability private, corporate sectors, public affairs and also entrepreneurs who are looking for new opportunities.


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