Hotelier Summit India

Date: 07-Mar-13 to 09-Mar-13
Location: Marriott Hotel / India
Category: Food & Beverages IT Real Estate & Property Management Travel & Tourism Furniture & Woodworking Conferences & Trade Fairs

The event brings together hoteliers, developers, pmc's from across the globe to be part of conference sessions and face-to face meetings. The conference will bring together the stake holders looking to explore the emerging markets of South India and the conference which will educate attending delegates about the regions upcoming projects and how to counter the challenges faced by the international brands foray into the emerging market to mark their presence.

The first and only event that creates a common ground exclusively designed for the hoteliers local and international brands to meet with specifiers and consultants and executors and developers.

The event meets the core needs and issues of the Hospitality sector across the world which has been experiencing chocked markets. This is a gateway to companies at the same time it brings together experts operating across the world who also face various challenges today. It deals not only with issues that they face today's climate, but also creates a networking environment.

Attractive region and location of the event for all companies as it's the emerging market. Only region with excess availability of markets pace.

Alongside the event for the first time in India, IDE is organizing a Golf Tournament for the Indian Hospitality Industry leaders to meet, network and discuss future business opportunities. It is for the first time that a turf is being used to uphold a platform for the Indian Hospitality Industry leaders to build or strengthen a business relationship.


The visitors in the event Hotelier Summit India are India's top hoteliers, developers, pmc's, stakeholders, pre qualified Delegates.


Interiors and Design
Technology & Expansion
F&B Supplies & Equipments
Porcelain & Tableware
Bedding, Linen
Spa & Bath Fittings

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