PET Outlook Asia

Date: 24-Apr-13 to 25-Apr-13
Location: To be advised / Yangon / Myanmar
Category: Conferences & Trade Fairs

"Indonesia's Accelerating PET Conversion as the Preferred Packaging"
"Asia: Looking Inwards for Opportunities Amid Global Volatility"

Key Sessions

- Indonesia's rising PET growth, outlook & challenges
- Focus on China, India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, etc.
- Developments in renewable feedstock and impact on the polymer value chain
- Sustainability and design innovation for PET packaging
- Innovation in preform/bottling technology - Fast to market approach
- Recycling trends and innovations in barrier properties, light-weighting, etc.


•Feedstock suppliers (PX/PTA/MEG),

•PET resin producers and suppliers,

•Polyester manufacturers,

•Polymer/Petrochemical traders,

•Converters & preform manufacturers,

•Technology providers,

•Recycling companies,



Not applicable

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