Reshoring Summit

Date: 12-Mar-13 to 14-Mar-13
Location: Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center / Cleveland / Ohio / United States
Category: HR & Careers Conferences & Trade Fairs

For years, the offshoring of manufacturing operations has been very profitable for U.S. manufacturers. But now the wind is beginning to blow the other way. Changing global economics are starting to drive manufacturing in the U.S. For example, wages in China are rising, eroding its competitiveness. Higher oil costs are driving transportation costs up, eating into profits. Many companies are finding they need to be closer to markets at home and thus more nimble in terms of customization, inventory management, and delivery.

However, the problems in offshoring are driving new opportunities in reshoring. In fact, several recent studies have found that 40% of manufacturing firms have witnessed increased movement of production back to the U.S. That’s not a surprise to many manufacturing firms in the Midwest, where the shale gas boom in Ohio and Pennsylvania is lowering costs and facilitating onshore manufacturing. Automation, coupled with the high productivity of US workers, is also driving production back home.

As reshoring picks up steam and more manufacturers perceive it as a cost-effective option, there’s a critical need for information. To address this need, Infocast developed the Reshoring Summit, the only event bringing together stakeholders across the spectrum – manufacturers and their suppliers, governmental development organizations, site selectors and consultants – for the opportunity to dig into the issues, learn through case studies and interactive panels, network and build relationships.


Join manufacturers and their suppliers, government agencies, key associations, bottom-line analysts and site selection specialists.


We expect exhibitors which believe that the event's audience will be interested in their business, or industry.

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