Date: 21-Feb-13 to 21-Feb-13
Location: Private home of the Drew / California / United States
Category: Banking, Finance & Investment Conferences & Trade Fairs

Intimate conversation on Money going to Austerity w/Mark Pash, CFP; Richard Drew, Membership and Marie Gutzeit, Newhall Water Board President, "Water Issues in the Santa Clarita Valley area".


Democratic voters and interested citizens in the Santa Clarita Valley who ordinarily don't have money or time to attend large conferences, so we are bringing the message to the local community. Question and Answers to follow.


We are a collaborative of communication groups that work with the Democratic Club of Santa Clarita Valley to hold discussions and presentations form experts on topics that are willing to present for free to concerned citizens in various communities: This month's Topics range from money, austerity on a worldwide level and how this effects consumers in the United States, we will also bring the discussion locally by reviewing the concerns and recent lawsuits regarding changes and acquisitions in the Valencia Water Company how this effects the valley's rates and expansion plans

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