3rd Annual International Conference on Journalism and Mass Communications (JMComm 2014)

Date: 22-Sep-14 to 23-Sep-14
Location: Hotel Fort Canning / Singapore / Singapore
Category: Media, Advertising & PR Conferences & Trade Fairs

"At the Crossroads of Communication, Journalism, Media, Corporate and Social Responsibility"

The media industry, in many respects, is at a crossroads as it seeks to come to terms with developments in technology that simultaneously allow new heights of journalistic excellence, as well as the emergence of more worrying trends such as "fake" journalism.

In this digital age, communication ethics - the codes, moral standards and values followed by media organizations and in human communication, are more significant than ever before. Therefore, we need to explore how media can be socially responsible and provide true, accurate, comprehensive and objective information, and try to resolve the conflict between communication freedom, public interest and social impact.


Researchers, Practitioners, PHD Students, Lecturers, Authors, Industry Personnels


Global Science and Technology Forum Pte Ltd - exhibitror profile
10 Anson Road, #14-04
International Plaza
Singapore 079903
P: +65 63270166
E: info@biz-strategy.org (Conference Secretariat)
W: http://globalstf.org (Main Website)
F: https://www.facebook.com/globalstf

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