MENA High Speed Rail Summit

Date: 14-May-14 to 15-May-14
Location: TBA / Manama / Bahrain
Category: Media, Advertising & PR Technology Building, Construction & Architecture Conferences & Trade Fairs Companies

MENA High Speed Rail Summit is supported by various Ministries and Government Associations across the Middle East and North African region. This high profile gathering, over a period of 2 days, will address various topics and concerns regarding the implementation of High Speed Railway Technology across the concerned regions. With Infrastructure, now it is time for speed. Looking into the tremendous growth and infrastructure development, it has become very important for High Speed Rail to be implemented and executed in the Gulf and the North African Region.


CEO’s, MD’s, COO’s, Head – Infrastructure, Head – Rail Safety, Head – Designing, Head – Engineering, Head – Sales & Marketing, Chief Engineers, Chief Architects, Chief – IT, Chief – Security, Head – Marketing, Head – Sales & Business Development, Head – Rail & Development Operations


Supporting partners and vendors of Railway Industry

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