Running Your IT Department Like a Business

Date: 06-Feb-14 to 07-Feb-14
Location: Courtyard Chicago Downtown/River North / Chicago / Illinois / United States
Category: Education IT Technology Engineering Conferences & Trade Fairs

Moving from a Traditional IT department to a Service-oriented IT department requires a paradigm shift. It means evolving beyond an outdated management style to embrace a new and innovative approach. Technology has advanced remarkably in the past few years; it is time that IT management to rethink its role within the business. This involves creating financial transparency and aligning IT spend and budgets to business goals and outcomes.

When IT is viewed as an asset-centric organization it becomes, by design, a cost center. The IT department's role in this outdated management style can best be described as an overseer, responsible for maintaining the infrastructure and applications. The characteristics of a Traditional IT department are as follows: technology centered, defined by functional and technical silos, insulated from the rest of the organization, and obsessed with costs. These characteristics have been and still are part of many organizations that use the Traditional IT management model.

When IT is viewed as a Service-centric organization, service is optimized. IT strives to establish itself as a service partner, and operate like an external service provider rather than an internal manager of IT assets. Service-centric IT organizations are characterized by the following attributes: demand driven, internal customer focus, process oriented, competitive and engaged with the business, and obsessed with service. A Service-centric organization seeks to add value beyond keeping the equipment and applications running.

Financial transparency and running IT as business go hand-in-hand. It is also true that running a Service-centric IT organization creates a much stronger bond between IT and the rest of the business. This connection extends beyond providing technical services; it now includes sharing in bottom-line financial results. Managing IT like a business facilitates the open, clear and healthy relationship between all other departments and enhances Information Technology's ability to serve. In this seminar we will take the attendees through a process that will help them assess the current state of their IT management approach and devise a plan to transform their current IT department into a Service-centric and financially transparent operating unit. We will focus on six financial keys that provide transparency and strengthen the bond between IT and the rest of the business. The six financial keys are: IT budgeting, investment planning, chargebacks and showbacks, benchmarking, cost optimizing, and performance metrics. We will also learn how the new Service-Centric approach thrives better with financial transparency and openness than the Traditional approach. Why should you attend :
Information Technology costs are often seen as a huge black hole that has no bottom. The CEO and CFO are always wondering how all the money is being spent and exactly how IT is serving the business. The CIO finds it difficult to explain his or her decisions because of a lack of hard financial numbers and resorts to using vague generalities or, even worse, highly technical terms to defend his actions. If you can identify with this scenario, then you might be managing an IT department using the outdated and obsolete Traditional IT Management process.

In this seminar - Running Your IT Department Like a Business - we will focus on transforming a Traditional IT department by learning how financial transparency coupled with a Service-Oriented Management approach builds trust with the CEO and CFO and enables IT to contribute to the bottom line results of the business.

Areas Covered in the Session:
The pitfalls of Traditional IT management approach
The advantages of a Service-centric management approach
How financial transparency supports a Service-centric approach
Discussion of elements of financial transparency for IT departments
Creation of transform plan from Traditional to Service-centric


Who Will Benefit:
CIOs in Small to Midsize Enterprises
VP IT in Small to Midsize Enterprises
IT Directors in Small to Midsize Enterprises


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