2-day In-person Seminar: Open Data Protocol (OData) Workshop By Chris Woodruff

Date: 06-Mar-14 to 07-Mar-14
Location: Courtyard Boston Logan Airport / Boston / Massachusetts / United States
Category: Education IT Technology Engineering Conferences & Trade Fairs

Interested in OData? Want to discover what the next revolution in data will be? In this seminar, the attendee is invited to consider the many opportunities and challenges for data-intensive applications, inter-organizational data sharing for "data mashups," the establishment of new processes and pipelines, and an agenda to exploit the opportunities as well as stay ahead of the data deluge.

OData is consistent with the way the Web works - it makes a deep commitment to URIs for resource identification and commits to an HTTP-based, uniform interface for interacting with those resources (just like the Web). This commitment to core Web principles allows OData to enable a new level of data integration and interoperability across a broad range of clients, servers, services, and tools.

In this seminar Chris will provide an in depth knowledge to this protocol, how to consume a OData service and finally how to implement an OData service on Windows using ASP.NET Web API.

Areas Covered in the Session:
REST and the principles of the Internet
Introduce the Open Data Protocol (OData)
Detailed working knowledge of the OData protocol
Develop your own OData feed that produces data
Develop web and mobile applications that consume data from an OData feed

Why should you attend :
Does your organization build web and mobile applications for your customers, clients and/or employees? Do you want to get those applications out into their hands quicker and with less maintainability from your already over-worked IT staff? Knowing and understanding what the Open Data Protocol (OData) can bring to your enterprise will allow you to build one data platform for all aspects of your IT needs. It will open up a new way to look at your data that you may not have thought possible.

In this seminar we go further and give hands on learning that will prepare the attendee when they leave the 2 day workshop.


Who Will Benefit:
Application Development Managers
Application/Software Architects
Application/Software Developers and Engineers
Database Developers


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