Contract Managementand Strategy Masterclass

Date: 26-Nov-14 to 27-Nov-14
Location: Informa Australia / Sydney / Australia
Category: Banking, Finance & Investment Legal Services Conferences & Trade Fairs

A combination of theory, best practicesand expert practical instruction to assist in the development of a robust tenderingand contract management framework for the designand delivery of commercial objectives via contractual means. Key Learning Outcomes Set up a risk-managed contract strategy and planning guidelines Review contract law principles to confidently recognise rights and obligations Understand professional services and term works contracts Allocate skills and resources for an optimal team and structure Master the difficulties with designing and applying supplier selection/evaluation criteria Contract drafting and amending, and adapting standard forms where appropriate Revise and improve contract administration processes Methods to avoid claims, delays, disruptions, performance and contractual issues Address performance management issues in works contractsAbout the CourseThis is the third course in our contract management series and our CMP certification.The course reflects experience gained in the industry both from managing contracts and resolving disputes, and is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of each of the critical elements within the procurement process.The contractual obligations arising from the tender process need to be recognised in order to protect the principal. The difficulties of designing and applying supplier selection criteria must be mastered in order to get the best outcomes.Strategies to recognise potential for disputes, and their avoidance, provide great benefits.This course covers all of the above areas, is practically orientated with interactive workshops and exercises covering most aspects of the material presented, providing an effective learning opportunity.


Price :$ 2634.50 AUD
Speakers: Gavin Halling, Alana Dowley, Beverley Honig, Alan Riley


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