WMM 2014: Magnetism and Metallurgy International Conference

Date: 17-Jun-14 to 19-Jun-14
Location: Cardiff University / Cardiff / United Kingdom
Category: Technology Industrial & Manufacturing Conferences & Trade Fairs

WMM 2014 will provide a general overview of the status, trends and recent developments in the field of magnetism and magnetic materials and their application. Invited papers will be presented by experts from industry and universities, and a restricted number of exhibits or poster presentations will be included.
Specific topics:
Advances in process techniques: metallurgical routes
Application of new techniques for casting and hot rolling to electrical steels
Progresses in electrical steel grades and other soft magnetic materials as well as hard magnetic materials
Thin electrical steel grades
Electrical steels with cube or other textures
Electrical steels for energy efficient electrical machines and variable speed drives
Improved material characterisation and progress on modelling the effects of magnetic materials in electrical machines
Progress in modelling the evolution of microstructure and texture along the metallurgical processing route
Participants at WMM 2012: Arnold Magnetic Technologies, ThyssenKrupp Stahl, Voestalpine, Tempel Steel, Magnequench, Vacuumschmelze, ArcelorMittal, Aperam, Tata Steel, AK Steel Corporation, CD Wälzholz, NLMK, US Steel, Baosteel, Hoeganes, China Steel, Cogent, Roberg Bosch, Vaöeo, Alstom, ABB, Cogent Power, Schneider Electric, Daimler, Elesa Transformadoes SA, LCD Laser Cut, WISCO.
Presentations from 28 invited speakers from 14 countries at WMM 2012 demonstrated:
driving forces of new developments are energy saving and environmental aspects as well as new process techniques for metallic materials,
the complexity of the topic and the need for a more extensive cooperation between partners
new or improved materials for power and electronic applications
new rare earth magnets based on NdFeB
alternative materials to electrical steels
the status and further challenges in modelling the evolution of the microstructure along magnetic material processing routes,
progress in modelling losses.

Delegate Registration: GBP400.00
Exhibitor Registration: GBP600.00

Time: 12:00 - 15:45


Open to all


Denmark, beijing, Guo Deng Wang – University of Shenyang, China, K Jenkins – Tata Steel Europe, T Okubo – JFE, Japan, B Linzer – SVAI, Austria, Feng Zhang – Baosteel, China, K Satzinger – Voestalpine, Austria, Chen Lingfeng – Shougang Qian`an Iron and Steel, China, Takeru Ichie – Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal Corporation, B Grieb – Magnequench GmbH, Germany, A Schoppa – PMG Füssen, Germany, T Strache – Vacuumschmelze GmbH and Co KG, Germany, T Iriyama – Daido Steel Co, Japan, A Moses – Cardiff University, UK, S Fortunati – CSM, Italy, Ping Yang – University of Science and Technology, China, B Ponick – Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany, G Johnston – Tempel Steel, USA, L Suarez Fernandez – CTM, Spain, G Pasquarella – LCD Laser Cut, Switzerland, M Villani – University of L`Aquila, Italy, S Constantinides – Arnold Magnetic Technologies, USA, B B Jensen – University of Denmark, S Sprague – Proto Laminations, USA, K F Rasmussen – Grundfos Holding.

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