Advanced Email Marketing Training

Date: 21-May-14 to 22-May-14
Location: ONLINE EVENT / Bratislava / Slovakia
Category: Media, Advertising & PR Conferences & Trade Fairs

Our masterclass training will cover topics like: advanced segmentation techniques, behavioral profiling, big data transparency and many more ….


Yes, we have been around for some time. While 4 years on the scene doesn't sound like much, for an online business it means that we know what we are doing and how to do it.

Despite our strong background from Fleming Group and our well established foundations, we are still trying to maintain a start up posture, which keeps our company on the track of innovation.


We want to innovate, grow professionally, evaluate the practices that work and take in recent case studies from your field? Then you are the right person to join other professionals at exclusive webinars by Kakushin.

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