Using Big Data to Detect and Reduce Fraud

Date: 08-Jul-14 to 08-Jul-14
Location: Holiday Inn Bloomsbury / London / United Kingdom
Category: Technology Engineering Conferences & Trade Fairs

Attendees will benefit from learning the core principles & issues surrounding the use of Big Data for fraud risk management & will leave with valuable knowledge on how to best implement strategies.

The financial services industry will begin making significant strides in 2014 toward using data analytics to fight fraud, experts predict. The value of using big data to help prevent or detect fraud is becoming clearer, helping institutions make a business case for data analytics.Instead of getting focused on a desired outcome, such as a way to reduce card fraud through big data, Gartner argues organisations need to accept the overall picture big data offers, even if it is not what they anticipated.

Delegates of this masterclass hosted by Fraud Consulting will be introduced to the current fraud and cybercrime landscape which is having an impact to both public and private sector organisations worldwide. Through a series of interactive discussions delegates will learn how the proceeds of fraud is funding global criminal activity and understand the motivations behind the networks that are collaboratively causing disruption to websites, business operations, and critical infrastructure.

Why You Should Attend:
There are many challenges in ensuring that organisations are sufficiently equipped to deal with big data in the context of fraud prevention. From a legal and regulatory perspective there are complex considerations to understand when it comes to implementing solutions. Working under the Chatham House rule, attendees will be encouraged to share experiences on various aspects including detection, prevention, tools and intelligence sharing.

Time: 10:30 am to 5:00 pm

Standard Rate: £599




Darren Hodder, Director, Fraud Consulting

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