Medical Cities

Date: 14-Sep-14 to 16-Sep-14
Location: Venue to be confirmed / Dubai / United Arab Emirates
Category: Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Building, Construction & Architecture Conferences & Trade Fairs International Organizations World & Regional

The marcus evans Medical Cities is specifically designed to meet industry practitioners' demands to secure and guarantee their investments. This conference will highlight through practical case studies and panel on its importance for upcoming or existing medical cities masterplanning and facilities design technologies to remain competitive and at the same time sustainable. It will offer participants insights on state-of-the-art techniques that can be drawn upon from the vast experience of our global speaker line-up. With more ambitious projects of Medical Cities, one has to examine the typologies, design, engineering considerations and technology for future development of a country’s healthcare system. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet the line up of key international speakers and to network with a very niche and targeted group of delegates from across the world.


This large scale conference is designed to attract all those who are involved in development of Medical Cities
- Medical Cities/Hospitals Operators
- Infrastructure Project Managers
- Facilities Management Directors and Managers
- Major Construction and Engineering Specialists
- Medical Cities and Hospitals Developers and Operators
- Construction Firms

Local Government, Government Departments, Agencies & Authorities:
- Ministry of Health
- Department of Health
- Federal, State and Local Councillors
- Directors of Regional Development Agencies
- Policy and Project Directors and Officers
- Tourism Officials

Engineers, Consultants, Project Managers and Contractors involved in:
- Electrical
- Structural
- Mechanical
- Fire and Security
- Health and Safety
- Environment
- Construction
- Building Materials
- Lighting Design
- Branding and Marketing Advisors / Consultants
- Banking & Finance, Financial Advisors:
- Heads of Investment Banking
- Heads of Finance
- Heads of Private Equity
- Venture Capitalists
- Institutional Investors

Manufacturers and Suppliers of:
- Hospital and Medical Solutions
- Energy Efficient Technologies
- Technology Providers
- Software Solution Providers

- ME & LEVANT 60%
- Africa 20%
- India and Asia 20%


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