Date: 07-Sep-14 to 09-Sep-14
Location: Park Hyatt Aviara Resort / California / United States
Category: Banking, Finance & Investment Energy Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Technology Industrial & Manufacturing Conferences & Trade Fairs

EnterpriseHPC'14 is the world's FIRST live event dedicated to exploring the convergence of high performance computing (HPC) into commercial settings to help solve contemporary large-scale business challenges. The event is an invitation-only hosted summit. It is designed to bring together technology and business leaders responsible for tackling issues that large-scale enterprise technology users and decision-makers are faced with as they navigate the build-out and maintenance of next-generation enterprise software/hardware infrastructures. This first summit of its kind, EnterpriseHPC'14 will provide a uniquely immersive experience for enterprise IT leaders in industries ranging from financial services, retail, healthcare, oil & gas, manufacturing, and more who are in the process of building next generation scalable systems (and the applications that span them).


The attendees that come to EnterpriseHPC’14 are leaders ranging from financial services, retail, healthcare, oil & gas, manufacturing (and more), who are in the process of installing next generation scalable systems (and the applications/services that span them). We don’t use traditional event marketing practices that deliver unknown results in terms of types of attendees. We bring in high level decision-makers, not numbers and numbers of unqualified attendees. We are gathering the top purchasing influencers and decision-makers in enterprise HPC to build community and knowledge at the front lines of technology progress.


At the EnterpriseHPC’14 summit a big sales opportunity awaits your organization in meeting with highly qualified commercial users seeking high performance computing solutions to help drive their business solutions. Give your top executives the opportunity to build dialogue with a cross section of top industry decision-makers currently in the market for large-scale computing solutions. The summit delegates are highly-qualified, rigorously-screened purchasing influencers interested in building their knowledge of the solutions to their most challenging computing problems.

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