Strengthening Evidence-Based Policy

Date: 21-Mar-17 to 22-Mar-17
Location: Canberra Rex Hotel / Australia
Category: Non-Profit & Government Conferences & Trade Fairs

Sound evidence can be used to improve policy and the likely outcomes of
progress. While Governments and research institutes are committed to
evidence based policy, developing professional skills in this area is a major

This case study focused conference provides policy representatives with all
the skills they need to drive improvement in policy evaluation, formulation
and implementation.


Graeme Barden, Peter Ryan, Nicholas Biddle, Jason Alexandra, Sally Cowling, Shayleen Thompson, Rob Hulls, Robyn Mildon, Phil Anderson, Meg Reid, Annie Pennucci, David de Carvalho, Fleur de Crespigny, Steve Kibble, Shane Porter, Julian Thomas, Poppy Wise

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