TableCrowd's dinner with Robotics delivery company, Starship

Date: 17-Jan-17 to 17-Jan-17
Location: Aubaine Mayfair / London / United Kingdom
Category: Education

Enjoy dinner drinks and a chance to meet…
Henry Harris-Burland is marketing director at the revolutionary robotics delivery company, Starship, which was launched by the founders of Skype. Take a glimpse into the future where you can send and receive anything you want, anytime and anywhere! Henry will be talking about launching delivery robots onto the streets of Silicon Valley and London. The 65 robots have already driven 12,700 miles and encountered 2m people in 16 countries.

This dinner is perfect for…
Founders and CEOs interested in last mile delivery, logistics, cleantech, food delivery, AI and the future of robotics for eCommerce.

The dinner conversation will be…
Henry will be talking after dinner about:
✓ Starship's revolutionary journey so far!
✓ Drones versus robotics for delivery.
✓ Launching a trial in the UK with JustEat & Mercedes Benz.
✓ The future of robotic delivery in the UK and what opportunities and threats it brings for businesses.
Expect a view of what is cutting edge in this sector and to leave with ideas and new thinking for your own business.

Who is Starship & who is Henry Harris Burlandz
Starship is a revolutionary local delivery concept. Using robots, they aim to make local delivery faster, smarter and more cost-efficient. After selling his first events company, Henry Harris-Burland moved to Starship as their marketing director with the aim of propelling the company globally.


Startship Technologies, Henry Harris-Burland

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