Chief Analytics Officer Europe

Date: 25-Apr-17 to 27-Apr-17
Location: Amba Hotel Marble Arch / London / United Kingdom
Category: Conferences & Trade Fairs

The Chief Analytics Officer Europe Forum is the premier event for CAOs and senior analytics professionals, providing top-level strategic advice and discussion. CAO Europe brings the senior analytics community together to discuss the most critical data and analytics challenges faced by their organisations and the wider industry as a whole.

As businesses expand their executive teams with new C-level titles and place data at the centre of their strategic journey, the desire to change that data in to a strategic asset is growing – enter the Chief Analytics Officer.

Over 120 CAOs and VP-Level analytics executives from all over Europe will meet in London to examine the role of the CAO in more detail than ever before and discuss strategies for deriving real actionable and strategic benefits through analytics.

Discover the full event agenda and register to secure a discounted pass on the website.


CAO, VP-level Analytics and Business Intelligence professionals


Analytics and data service providers

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