Understanding how to drive retail customer loyalty in the digital age

Understanding how to drive retail customer loyalty in the digital age

According to recent research, 46% of consumers are now more likely to switch brands than they were 10 years ago. While it’s certainly harder to nurture loyalty today, it’s an achievable goal for brands. When executed well, the right customer advocacy and approach to customer experience can be transformative for retailers in creating customer devotion.

Our briefing provides fresh thinking and best practice on how to engage with customers in ways that really matter to them. We help you understand how to make sense of your customer data, showing you new ways to gain crucial insights about the people who could be your next loyal customers.

We will explore how to build more emotional connections with customers to drive loyalty discussing:

When do traditional "points and prizes" programmes vs the latest experience-based programmes work best?

How do brands like Apple inspire such strong loyalty and what are the benefits of these emotional connections?

How can we learn from the loyalty/emotional connections/devotion in our personal lives to deepen our relationships with our customers?

Who is invited:

-All retail brands are invited, with the exception of supermarkets 
-Marketing Director
-Head of Marketing 
-Head of Loyalty
-Head of customer retention
-Head of Customer Experience
-Customer Experience Director
-Head of Customer Insight
-Head of Data

Driving advocacy through personal engagement

Using data to build a personal portrait of your customer can provide the path to a lasting relationship based on trust that ultimately delivers business results. If you want to understand how, be one of 10 senior business professionals around the table at The Savoy who will all bring their expertise to bear to analyse the present – and the future.

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