Business Women Symposium

This symposium will inspire women who want to make big changes in their lives and want to achieve massive results and want to learn the steps that are needed to make that change. We have a group of excellent & experienced speakers to help you break down your goals into simple action steps that are easy to follow and keep you on track until you've achieved the results you’re looking for!
This symposium is for you to become an active participant by asking questions and learning strategies.
You must have a plan of action!
This symposium will have a:
Financial planner- Time to get your finances in order
Success Coach-The effort you put into anything will reflect back on your success or lack of.
Executive  business leader on business building & it's never to late to take that leap of faith!
Business solutions- Learn about Business resources that will save you a massive amount of money.
Tax Consultant- whether business or personal you must know what the best benefits are for you.
Author on being Single and Sexless- Yes ladies it can be done, her story will inspire you!
Social Media expert and a psychologist will be available to help you understand why we think and hold on to baggage- not allowing ourselves to grow and create our master plan
and so much more!
** Light  refreshments will be available**
Stop wishing you could leave a legacy, come out and learn that it is possible!
                                                         Get your tickets today- Seats are truly limited!

Vashti Buck
Edward Jones
Financial Planner

Jabinia Davender

Beverly Hess
Leaders in Us

Dr. Jessica Houston
Expecting Victory
Success Coach

Dainer Hunter
Intellectual Tax Service

Sharon Lezama
KFB Business Consultants
CEO & Business Strategist

Sharese McCommons
ME Business Solutions

Kendell Purvis
ReVamp Enterprises
Social Media & Administrative


Sharon Lezama, Jabinia Davender, Maria Sutej, Jessica Houston, Sharese McCommons, Kendell Purvis, Dainer Hunter, Vashti Buck

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