The Compassionate Care Act: Where Are We Now 2 Years Later

Date: 31-Jan-17 to 31-Jan-17
Location: DistrictCowork / New York / United States
Category: Education Technology

Please join the Cannabis Cultural Association (CCA) as we kick-off the New Year with "The Compassionate Care Act: Where Are We Now 2 Years Later?" We have invited all 4 registered medical cannabis organizations (dispensaries), and the New York Department of Health (DOH), to share their trials and tribulations of the past and present, and hopes for the future. CCA will also be announcing a new spring/summer community health and wellness program, done in conjunction with the dispensaries, targeting the elderly population to help bring in more patients. Dr. Bernard Lee will lead a panel discussion Dr. Stephen Dahmer from Vireo Health, Hillary Peckham co-founder of Etain, LLC, Nelson G. Cuevas Rph of PharmaCannis, and Tricia Reed PharmD the lead pharmacists of Columbia Care NY. The event will end with an audience Q&A.

“Medical cannabis as a valid and safe treatment for qualified New Yorkers is a topic shrouded by
misinformation,” says Dr. Stephen Dahmer. “We are excited to participate in any educational activity directed at
dispelling myths and misunderstandings and hopefully decreasing barriers for patients that could utilize
medical cannabis to safely alleviate their pain and suffering.”

As always, light food and beverage will be served, and were provided by the Law Offices of Joseph A. Bondy. The event is $25 - $30. Tickets can be bought at Members of the press can join for free.

About the CCA
The Cannabis Cultural Association strives to involve underrepresented communities in the legal cannabis/hemp industry, by providing informational workshops, cultural programs, and community events with an emphasis on issues disproportionately affecting communities of color: access to medical cannabis, adult use legalization, and criminal justice reform.

Media Contact
Leland Radovanovic


Dr. Bernard Lee, Dr. Stephen M. Dahmer, Hillary Peckham, Nelson G. Cuevas Rph, Tricia Reed PharmD

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