PPPEXPO is the only dedicated industry specific international trade show for Plastics, Printing & Packaging Industry in the entire East African region that promises to be an excellent platform to forge business alliances, showcase technological and interact directly with the African traders from the East, Central & South African region.

Africa is one of the fastest growing markets in the world and PPPEXPO Africa will attract thousands of buyers and decision makers from all levels and sectors of Plastics, Printing & Packaging Industry and aims to promote a direct business link between buyers and sellers. Kenya, the gateway to the East African Market is fast emerging as a distribution & supply hub to the entire plastics, printing & packaging industry in the East African region.

PPPEXPO 2017 is all set to create new milestones, and scale newer heights as has been the tradition of every PPPEXPO exhibition. The strong growth that the plastic, printing and packaging industry has witnessed in the recent past and continues to do so today will only help in making this PPPEXPO, a
resounding success.


Policy and Decision Makers
Foreign Companies Seeking Joint Ventures
Foreign & Local Investors
Packaging & Processing Professionals
Local & Foreign Industrialists
Consul Generals, Foreign Missions & Business Magnates
Top Executives & Professionals from Local Industries
Beverage Manufacturers & Bottlers
Designers, Dealers, Consultants, Distributors, Engineers, Material Handlers, Production Managers
Printers, Equipment & Material Buyers
Marketing & Brand Managers
Retailers, Logistic Management
New Product Development Managers & Printing/Packaging Specialists



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