How to create your own wearable tech product

We are living in a time where wearable tech is becoming omnipresent in many aspects of our everyday lives. They orbit the periphery of our bodies, taking the form of wristwatches and eyeglasses. They monitor our activities and immerse us in virtual environments. It is then that it should come as no surprise to anyone when Wearable Tech would involve itself in the startup industry and entrepreneurialism. How they exist in such contexts and what can they do for the entrepreneur to affect their businesses? The answer is only limited to the creativity of the entrepreneurs themselves.
In this event we will be looking at how Wearable Tech has influenced businesses, both new and established, and the basic principles of designing your own Wearable Tech. In an interactive portion, attendees will be working with a DIY Wearable Tech kit and participate in an introductory exercise on how to design their very own Wearable Tech.

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