Unleash Your Sales Greatness

Date: 07-May-17 to 07-May-17
Location: 79 Madison Ave / New York / United States
Category: Education

Class Level: All levels

Average Class Size: 10

Teacher: Geraldy Jean-Baptiste

What you'll learn in this sales training:
In this sales training course you will learn how customer service is key. A clear understanding of your duties to each individual client and how to keep your clients happy and most importantly coming back for more. Utilizing your interpersonal abilities,  you will learn how to quickly build rapport with prospect clients via phone or in person. Lastly a full grasp on follow-ups as the most important ingredient in the sales process.There will be 3 suggested book readings.Key Learning Objectives: 

Understanding the Sales cycle and conversion metrics.
Prospecting -Building Your Network
Be more efficient and effective
Building sales pipeline
Gaining initial interest to closing the deal
Positive energy-Body language
What makes the customer buy
Objections: why you should love objections
Overcoming objections
Follow-Up process
Role playing
Rapport Building
Continuous education.

Clear understanding of Sales Process
Improved Communication Skills
Overcome objections
Explore customer needs
Generate Leads
How to close
Create long term client relationships
Build self confidence
Social Networking
Prereqs:This workshop is recommended for students with 0-6 months of sales experience, Small Business Owners, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs.Preparation:

Please bring laptop or notebook
Be open to coaching and feedback

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