Self-Actualized Leadership Network Seminar, 24th Edition

Date: 22-Apr-17 to 22-Apr-17
Location: Hotel Mapple Express / New Delhi / India
Category: Education

Who should participate and Why?
People who have identified the Final Mission of their life or actively seeking to find the same.
People on Management position seeking to build their leadership acumen.
Spiritual seekers may attend to realize the spiritual wisdom through a completely rational model.
People seeking an end to corruption, inflation, recession, choked cities, political turmoil, communal disharmony, and last but not the least the drastic effects of Global Warming may also gain a lot of insight from this seminar.
CEO, CxO, Leaders and HR Heads may participate to explore the integration of SALDP into their Learning & Development department.


Hitesh Chandel, Alok Sabharwal, Sandeep Goswami, Deepak Kumar Singh

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