Free personal development conference: Leading Edge Annual Conference 2017

Date: 12-Sep-17 to 12-Sep-17
Location: Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre / London / United Kingdom
Category: Education

What does powerful performance bring to mind? Athletes at the top of their game, corporate leaders breaking new ground, Oscar-winning actors? The list goes on!

We all perform and we all perform well, but are we always giving our best?

This year's Leading Edge Annual Conference line-up features people who are powerful performers themselves, and they’re ready to show us how we, too, can power our own performance.

12th September 2017 at QEII Conference Centre, London


- Registration and refreshments
- Welcome
- Powering your Performance . . . starts here
- High-Impact Speaking: how to win hearts, minds and (perhaps) promotion through public speaking
- Tomorrow’s Digital Shopper
- Industry Innovation Showcase
- IGD ‘Leading Edge’ Award – this year’s finalists announced
- Charisma – an authentic power
- The power of simplicity: how the best leaders make leadership easy
- Celebrity guest speaker – who will be inspiring us this year?


Simon Bucknall, Nikki Owen, JJ Lynch, Lenny Henry, Vanessa Henry, Haidee Elise

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