Lean Focus Problem-Solving System Workshop - Portland, OR

Date: 25-Sep-17 to 26-Sep-17
Location: Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront / Portland / United States
Category: Education

Tell me if this sounds familiar in your organization: constant firefighting, jumping to solutions, meeting after meeting with no results, competing priorities, unclear problem definition, and results that don't stick?

Learn a unique and proven problem solving methodology from a former Danaher Business System executive, Damon Baker, who led a transformation of Problem Solving Culture at Danaher.  Damon is the Founder and Principal of Lean Focus, a consulting firm that partners with global clients from private equity and industry to accelerate value creation through the adoption of their Lean Focus Business Excellence Model™.

Lean Focus is proud to offer a two-day course where you will dive into a hands-on workshop and training with the ability to tackle your real problem that you will bring to the course.  You will gain experience with the Lean Focus Problem Solving System form using your real problem and a case study.  You will be able to network with others and leave prepared to tackle real business problems upon leaving this course.  The 2-Day agenda covers the following:

Introduction to Problem-Solving
PLAN: Define the Problem
DO: Analyze the Causes
CHECK: Improve the Process
ACT: Sustain the Results
Building a Problem-Solving Culture

Skill development will be the focus for the 2 days, and you will learn AND apply many new and unique approaches to solving problems such as: developing your "burning platform", clearly and succintly defining your problem, breaking down your problem into its' largest causal contributors, utilizing a variety of methodologies like BOB/WOW, Brown Paper Analysis, Value Stream Mapping, Paretos, Histograms, Check Sheets, Run Charts, MECE method, and many more... Most importantly, you will learn the success factors to build a successful Problem-Solving culture within your organization.


Damon Baker

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