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Dr. Taiwo Togun to Present Latest Artificial Intelligence Modeling at Hotel Data Conference

Taiwo Togun, Ph.D

Neirbi Analytic's Chief Data Scientist Taiwo Togun, Ph.D

Chief Data Scientist Taiwo Togun will present how using Machine Learning can predict occupancy and ADR at Hotel Data Conference on Friday, August 11.

MADISON, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, August 7, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Chief Data Scientist for Neirbi Analytics, Taiwo Togun, Ph.D, will host a Data Dash breakout session this week in Nashville at the Hotel Data Conference.

The sold-out conference has engaged speakers and presenters that represent top-level hotel and travel professionals. Presentations, discussions and panels will be centered around trends and opportunities data presents in the industry. A record 626 attendees are registered, which is the maximum capacity of the event.

During Dr. Togun’s presentation, titled “Harnessing the Butterfly Effect to Increase Occupancy and ADR”, attendees will be introduced to some of the latest data-science methods, including Long Short Term Memory (LSTM), that are helping to provide hotels with new ways to understand and leverage occupancy and ADR prediction through variable extraction.

Dr. Togun is a successful educator and entrepreneur. He has spent almost a decade developing and applying statistical machine learning methods to derive insight from high-dimensional data. Upon graduating from Yale University with both a Masters and Ph.D, Taiwo founded SeqHub, which connects experienced data-scientists to commercial applications. As Neirbi Analytic’s Chief Data Scientist, Taiwo has conducted extensive work on correlations between hotel business variables and external-condition impacts.

Neirbi delivers actionable sales and marketing opportunities each morning using a battery of algorithms that curate massive amounts of big-data. Unlike traditional reader board reports, Neirbi’s intelligence provides information on future events and opportunities.

The firm recently released its Standard Edition product, which allows hotels to access most tools for a low monthly fee and no commitment or contract. Learn more about Neirbi at www.Neirbi.com

About the Hotel Data Conference:
The Hotel Data Conference is a gathering of industry executives with a specific interest in crunching data to improve the performance of their hotels and/or hotel companies. The conference content is designed to appeal to brand executives, hotel owners, developers, operators, revenue management specialists and pricing analysts. For more information, please visit www.HotelDataConference.com.

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