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Houston Kraft smiling because he is a kindness advocate @houstonkraft

Houston Kraft

The cover of Houston Kraft's book, Deep Kindness published by Simon & Schuster

Deep Kindness

Deep Kindness: A Revolutionary Guide for the Way We Think, Talk, and Act In Kindness by Houston Kraft

One of the most damaging narratives that we have as a culture is that kindness is free...”
— Houston Kraft
LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, October 29, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ --
If there’s one thing our world needs right now, it’s what Character Strong Co-Founder and CEO Houston Kraft calls deep kindness, a life-changing discipline with the power to create lasting change. In DEEP KINDNESS: Practicing Kindness in a World that Oversimplifies It (Simon & Schuster's Tiller Press; Hardcover; September 29, 2020), Kraft teaches readers how to spread meaningful kindness that can bring revolutionary change to our lives, our relationships, and the world.

DEEP KINDNESS is a call to action, beckoning readers to move past the surface level ‘confetti kindness’ marked by cutesy phrases and empty gestures. Instead, Kraft reveals, deep kindness is an ever-growing skillset rooted in empathy, perspective-taking, resilience, courage, and forgiveness. Featuring a 30-act starter plan, journal prompts, and practical exercises, DEEP KINDNESS dives into the types of kindness the world needs most today, taking an honest look at the gap between our belief in kindness and our ability to practice it well. Insights from DEEP KINDNESS includes:

- The importance of vulnerability in fostering true kindness.
- How putting forgiveness in action provides the bedrock for deep kindness.
- How deep kindness can provide a much needed salve for insecurity and rejection.

Exploring everything from the empathy gap to the skill of emotional regulation, DEEP KINDNESS is perfect for anyone who believes in a kinder world and recognizes that there is a lot of work to do before we achieve it. As a kindness advocate, Houston Kraft truly embodies what it means to be kind and is dropping kindness nuggets of wisdom to audiences around the country while on his book and media tour. He's currently available for interviews and can speak to:

+ 5 Ways Kindness Can Play A Role In Organizations
+ What It Means To be A Leader Today
+ How Kindness Isn't Normal (especially in the workplace)

In honor of Houston's Deep Kindness book launch, Houston hosted the Kindness Conversational Conference. For 13 hours, Houston inspired viewers by interviewing 33 different thought leaders, celebrities, authors and experts including Justin Baldoni, Kute Blackson, Yes Theory, Shelley Paxton, Manon Mathews, and more.

HOUSTON KRAFT’s job is to practice kindness. In high school, he started an organization called Random Acts of Kindness, Etc. (R.A.K.E.) to create a more connected, compassionate campus. In college, he created OurKindness with a focus on service, community building, and reducing anxiety through intentional acts of care. Over the next eight years, Houston spoke at over 600 schools, organizations, and events globally to over a half a million people. He has spoken in over thirty states, Mexico, Canada, and Uganda. In 2016, Houston cocreated CharacterStrong, which provides curriculum and training for safer and kinder schools and has already worked with 2,000 schools internationally, serving over one million students with their message, daily. In 2019, Houston was featured by Lay’s for their Spreading Smiles campaign.

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Houston Kraft, Kindness Advocate

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