Conferences in California, United States

Next Generation Batteries 2015

Date: 21-Apr-15 to 22-Apr-15
Breakthroughs in new battery chemistries, novel electrode and electrolyte materials, system integration for mobile, and portable and stationary applications have paved the road toward an emerging market with unlimited potential. Will lithium-ion and alternative-chemistry batteries deliver on the promise of power, energy, cost and safety in commercially available energy storage systems? The Knowledge Foundation's 5th Annual Next Generation Batteries 2015 convenes leading experts in the fields of battery materials, systems design and integration, manufacturing and commercial applications who address emerging issues driving this pivotal time in the battery industry.

Navigating the American Carbon World 2015

Date: 28-Apr-15 to 30-Apr-15
NACW is North America’s largest and most comprehensive gathering for information and discussion around climate change policy and carbon markets. The conference offers comprehensive and up-to-date information and insights, prime networking opportunities with active participants in the carbon landscape, and the largest audience reach of any carbon market and climate policy event in North America. In its thirteenth consecutive year, NACW 2015 will take a close look at the current status and future growth of California’s historic cap-and-trade program, other established and emerging carbon markets, potential linkages between markets, activity stemming from U.S. EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan, other national climate change policies and innovative environmental initiatives.

Philip McNamara

Date: 01-May-15 to 03-May-15
Located in beautiful Santa Cruz, California, the Drones, Data X Conference will feature some of the most influential companies and speakers from the world of aerial robotics, UAVs and commercial drones. Learn from companies like Amazon, DJI, Federal Aviation Adminstration, Skycatch, Airware and many more. There is also a weekend package available with kitesurfing, biking and hiking in the Santa Cruz mountains, with CEOs and experts from the Drones and UAV industry.

3rd Annual California Energy Summit

Date: 11-May-15 to 13-May-15
The 3rd Annual California Energy Summit will provide the latest information on the opportunities and threats in California as policy-makers come together with utility, IPP, energy storage and DR executives to explore the potential opportunities to solve power supply and delivery problems. They will explore the impacts of new energy storage procurement on generation and distribution system needs, the potential opportunities for the construction of power assets, and how the revision of retail rate regulation will drastically affect the economics of solar power and utility generation in the state. Finally, financiers will provide their perspectives on the investment in and financeability of projects in the California market.

Project and Portfolio Management for Pharma & Biotech

Date: 20-May-15 to 21-May-15
Hear from the highly experienced speakers about good practices, latest trends and daily challenges of portfolio planning and lifecycle management at the Project and Portfolio Management for Pharma & Biotech organized by American Leaders.

WITI Summit

Date: 31-May-15 to 02-Jun-15
The Women In Technology International (WITI) Summit, May 31-June 2, is the annual gathering of tech-savvy women, held in the heart of Silicon Valley. Executive women, entrepreneurs, and technology thought leaders from around the world converge to collaborate on innovative solutions to common business challenges; explore new business opportunities that underscore how technology is powering change; and build and expand strong connections in a welcoming networking environment of women committed to helping each other succeed. Use code PARTNER for $100 discount off the prevailing rate of a 3-day pass.

17th International Symposium on Multidetector-Row CT

Date: 07-Jun-15 to 10-Jun-15
Regarded as the top CT conference in the World. This action packed event will provide you with all of the tools, technologies, and best practices you need to accomplish your goals. Learn More. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the 2015 MDCT Symposium boasts arguably the best speaking lineup yet, and includes such names as Geoffrey D. Rubin, MD, Elliot Fishman, MD, Michael H. Lev, and more! Main Symposium June 7th-10th, 2015 Pre | Post Symposium Workshops Saturday June 6th Workshop | Dual Energy & Multi-spectral Techniques and Applications Thursday June 11th Workshop | TAVR Workshop led by Jonathon Leipsic

Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Date: 11-Jun-15 to 12-Jun-15
GTCbio invite you to attend the Point-of-Care Diagnostics Conference, which will take place on June 11-12, 2015 in San Diego, CA at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay. The development of accurate POC testing and its impact on new disease areas and disease management presents many challenges for healthcare providers and manufacturers. Regulatory aspects, validation, clinical applications must be considered when discussing the future of POC. Join academic and industry leaders to discuss these issues, while networking and collaborating on the applications and success rate of POC testing platforms, disease management, and decreasing analytic variability. Sessions: I. New and Emerging Technologies II. New Disease Areas and Global Health III. Challenges in POC Diagnostics IV. Integrating POC ...

Companion Diagnostics Conference

Date: 11-Jun-15 to 12-Jun-15
GTCbio invite you to the Companion Diagnostics Conference, which takes place June 11-12, 2015 in San Diego, CA at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay. CDx play a significant role in the area of personalized medicine for viral diseases and drug development. There are opportunities and limitations in companion diagnostics and its combination with next generation sequencing towards targeted therapeutic areas. Join fellow researchers to network and discuss these issues and their key findings, including the added value of CDx during drug development and patient management. Sessions: I. Biomarkers in Drug Development II. Implementation of Personalized Medicine III. CDx: Present and Future IV. Companion Diagnostics for Cancer and Neurodegenerative Diseases V. ...

International Conference on Food Chemistry and Technology (FCT-2015)

Date: 16-Nov-15 to 18-Nov-15
International Conference on Food Chemistry and Technology (FCT-2015) scheduled in November 16-18, 2015 at San Francisco, USA; organized by United Scientific Group (USG), a company led by the editors association and the advisory board (comprising scientists from diverse scientific fields) with an aim to connect the scientific leaders on a single platform by organizing events. FCN-2015 with a theme “Exploring the Recent Trends, Innovation & Emerging Technologies for Food Research and Development” is designed to bring together the scientific community - principal investigators, scientists, researchers, health professionals, analysts, clinicians, policy makers, industry experts, the well-established and the budding entrepreneurs to discuss the present and future perspectives entailing ...