iStrategy The Hague 2013

Date: 14-May-13 to 15-May-13
Location: Venue to be confirmed / Netherlands
Category: Media, Advertising & PR Conferences & Trade Fairs

iStrategy is an inspirational two-day digital and social media marketing conference that looks at modern marketing through a digital lens. We showcase the best speakers, the sharpest ideas and the most innovative technologies – all aimed at helping our attendees make social, mobile and other digital technologies work for their business.


iStrategy attendees include C-level folk from major brands, leading local entrepreneurs, digital directors, marketing experts, creative agencies, tech firms and other interested parties. Brian Solis recently described us as "an audience of audiences" with good reason – our attendees’ combined online influence is huge and feedback on your presentation will reach well over four million people, based on previous events.


Past sponsors include: Wildfire, Hootsuite, Experian and Oracle

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