Market Data and Technology Trading

Date: 28-Apr-14 to 01-May-14
Location: The Kingsley Hotel / London / United Kingdom
Category: Technology Engineering Conferences & Trade Fairs

This course will be of value to all those working in the areas of market data in financial institutions plus associated vendors, exchanges and consultants. Additionally, Days 1 and 2 have been developed to fully cover the syllabus of the FISD/FIA exam, for those wishing to add this accreditation to their CV

All course days are separately bookable:

Day One: Introduction to the Financial Markets and Market Data

This one day course unit is designed to provide a broad overview of the financial market infrastructure, its participants, the assets traded and the market data which is created. (FIA/FISD Exam Preparation Day)

Day Two: The Technology, Vendors and Market Data Management

This course unit overviews the technology used, the vendors who supply the systems and data and the steps necessary within user firms to manage their use. (FIA/FISD Exam Preparation Day)

Day Three: Low latency Market Data and Trading Systems Solutions

This course unit looks into the new technical innovations that form the low-latency data distribution and processing environment. Additionally technology assisted trading and data publication systems are reviewed, and the future trends both from a business and technology viewpoint are investigated.

Day Four: Cost control and data administration

Market data costs can be some of the largest items on the budget for financial institutions. This course unit provides a comprehensive breakdown of the costs, their origins and techniques for managing them. Included are examples from real world market data cost management exercises.

Time: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm



Attend 1 Day: £1349 + VAT,
Attend 2 Days (Any combination): £2428.20 + VAT (Save 10%),
Attend 3 days (Any combination): £3439.95 + VAT (Save 15%),
Attend 4 Days : £4316.80 + VAT (Save 20%)


It is of particular relevance to those executives within the following areas:

Market Data Services | Client Data Services | Reference Data Strategy | Market Data Commercial | Market Data Management | IT Infrastructure | Data Administration | Investment Data Analysis | IT Administration | Product Management


John Best, Colin Wright : KSS Training

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