Date: 17-Nov-11 to 19-Nov-11
Location: Istanbul Expo Center / Istanbul / Turkey
Category: Mining

PUTECH EURASIA 2011 - Polyurethane Industry Exhibition will provides a platform and meeting place that will serve to effectively promote the companies in the industry, bring together sellers that import polyurethane with manufacturers and create an environment where innovative knowledge on the theme of ¿Polyurethane and the Future may be shared.


Managers, production managers, R&D directors, purchasing managers and marketing managers of: Automobile, bus, truck, train, aircraft, heavy machinery, foam cushion manufacturers, Manufacturers of steering wheels, arm rests, gearshifts, bumpers and other components, Manufacturers of all kinds of shoe soles, specific adhesives and grouting polyurethane, as well as Distributors, Engineers.


Profile for exhibit includes Chemicals: Additives, Blowing Agent, Catalysts, Chain Extender, Chemicals, Colorants, Curatives, Extenders, Flame Retardants, Mold Release Agents, Polyols, Polymer, Pre-Polymer, Surfactants, Semi-Finished Goods: Adhesives, Coatings, Composites, Sealants, Machinery / Equipment: Automated Controls, Cutting machines, Dispensing Equipment, Laminators, Low-High pressure PU machines, Mixing units, Molds, Processing Equipment, Pumps, Spray equipment.

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